An initial review of paper checklists from actual trauma resuscitations revealed that trauma team leaders frequently wrote notes on the checklist. To understand this note-taking practice, we are performing content analysis of checklists that are being collected on a daily basis at the hospital. To date, we found nine major categories of information that leaders record during resuscitations, including patient values, physical assessment findings, and pre-hospital information. An analysis of types and amount of notes written by leaders of different experience levels showed that more experienced leaders recorded more patient values and physical findings, while less experienced leaders recorded more notes about their activities and task completion status. These findings suggested that a checklist designed for a high-risk, fast-paced medical event has evolved into a dual function tool, serving both as a compliance and memory aid. Based on these findings, we formulated early checklist designs for a tablet screen and focused on supporting this dual function. We used Android as our mobile operating system to allow for easier integration with existing hospital systems, as well as integration with the decision-support system components that we are currently developing. The current checklist design is now being trialed at Children’s National Medical Center during day-time trauma resuscitations.


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